FIT Achiever - the ultimate mobile fitness program

Powered by our FIT Achiever App (iOS, Android) you get:

Three levels of High Intensity Workouts so that you can scale to your ability

High-Intensity workouts proven to burn fat, and build strength and endurance

Access to hundreds of workouts in our library which grows continually

Videos demonstrating every exercise in your workouts

Get coached by our Certified Personal Trainers in our online groups

Receive our weekly insights on fitness & nutrition, recipes, fit tips, etc.

Entrance to our FIT Peak Challenge - Earn the challenge coin!

ONLY $4.95 per month!

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Our Fitness Programs

Daily FIT

Get daily High-Intensity proven most effective to get you fit with three levels to choose from. Track your performance over time on your mobile device using our FIT Achiever App. See your personal best performance so that you shoot for improvement. Compete with others on the Leaderboard. Watch our tutorial videos right where you need them. This program will jack up your metabolism and get you into the best shape in which you’ve ever been! FIT IT!

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Virtual FIT Bootcamps

Join a 30-day Boot Camp that you will do from right your home! You’ll get 30-days of High-Intensity workouts and you will have access to a Certified Personal Trainer in a private Facebook group. Also, collaborate with other participants online. Using the FIT Achiever App, you will perform 15-25 minute High-Intensity bodyweight workouts that are extremely fun and challenging. In 30-days you will see unbelievable results in all areas fitness.

Complete the Challenge - Earn the Coin!

FIT Peak Challenge coins are awared to members who complete the three peak levels. Make no mistake, these are not just given away. It will take commitment and determination just to reach the 250-Peak. That’s 250 FIT Achiever workouts!

By the time you’ve hit the 250-Peak, you will be in incredible shape, ready to take on the 500-FIT Challenge and more!

At FIT Achiever, we are all about challenge, reward and recognition.

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