About Us

Founded by Fitness experts and enthusiasts, FIT Achiever's chief mission is to take people at any fitness level and to transform them into highly fit individuals having strength, power, endurance and agility.

Our Fitness Philosophy is based on the following premises:

 Getting and staying fit should be fun and challenging. We aim to eliminate the drudgery and boredom of working out. You will look forward to your daily Fitness Improvement Training (FIT) sessions and to appreciate having accomplished them.

 The focus of fitness is Performance. It is about making yourself stronger, faster, and more agile with greater endurance. While losing weight may be a benefit to the FIT Achiever model, it is not the focus. We believe that focusing on weight loss as the primary goal of fitness is badly misguided which is why it has failed millions of people for decades.

 We promote Functional Fitness - fitness that impacts your everyday life. Rather than having you perform isolated movements that will never be executed in real life, we utilize workouts that employ multiple muscles and dynamic movement across multiple planes.

 We are all about achievement and recognition. We believe that when a person progresses in their fitness journey, regardless of where they started or how far they've progressed, it is an achievement worthy of praise and recognition.

 We believe that community is an important component to getting and staying fit. At FIT Achiever, we will be maximizing the use of social media channels to build online and local communities of like-minded fitness enthusiasts for encouragement and support in your fitness journey.

 We aim for short term results and long term rewards and benefits. Seeing yourself getting fit should be a relatively quick and yet ongoing process. We desire that you experience the life-long benefits of being a strong and healthy individual in all aspects of life.