FIT Achiever Daily FIT

With the FIT Achiever Daily FIT program you get your daily Fitness Improvement Training (FIT) workouts delivered right to you mobile device through the FIT Achiever App. Here are just some of the features:

  • Get your workout delivered right to your mobile device
  • Choose from one of three workout levels (beginner, intermedate, advanced)
  • Watch tutorial videos for the exercises right when you need them
  • User timers specific to your type of workout (EMOM, RFT, AMRAP, TABATA, etc.)
  • Post to your Journal so that you can view your past performance next time you do the same workout
  • Interact with social media - share your results with others

About Our FITs

FIT is an acronym for Fitness Improvement Training. A Daily FIT is essentially a daily workout. Here are some specific things you need to know about FITs:

  1. FITs are short. They take about 15-25 minutes. Occasionally they are shorter or longer, but the majority fall within this range.
  2. FITs are high-intensity. They follow common workout formats like Rounds for Time (RFT), or Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) and so forth.
  3. FITs are not random, but rather, programmed. A person engaged in a FIT program is working towards specific performance improvement goals in multiple fitness areas
  4. FITs are fun, exciting, challenging and never boring! You will look forward to your workouts rather than dread them.
  5. FITs employ functional movement. Technically, this means that the exercises performed in a FIT are made up of multi-joint, multi-planar and highly practical movements. People who do FITs experience significant strength gains and all around muscular-endurance.
  6. FITs can be done anywhere, in your home, in your room, at the gym, in the garage, in a hotel, at the park, literally – anywhere.
  7. FITs deliver. Their variety, functional focus and performance targeting make them fun and therefore, you will stick to them. You will be constantly challenged. You will experience results almost immediately and you will experience huge changes that will make you want more!